The White Power Publications encourages everyone in the White Racialist movement to be involved and join a active organization that is Pro-White. We all need to do our part, and fight for our peoples existence to live.

Note: We of the White Power Publications may not agree with everyone’s ideologies or agendas but we all can come to a single point that we are in the interest of the White Aryan Race. If you are part of a organization that is not listed below and would like us to add your organizations website contact us with further information.

May God Give Us Men and Lead Us to Victory!

Shieldwall Network

League of the South

Knights Party ~ Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Patriot Front

Folkish Resistance Movement

American Freedom Party

Council of Conservative Citizens

Aryan Nations

Ku Klos Knights

East Coast Knights

New Order

National Alliance

National Socialist Movement

American Nazi Party

Creativity Alliance

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