Jesus Was Not A Jew!

By: Pastor Bertrand Comparet

Tonight  we are speaking on a subject, which the Children of Israel must learn  to understand. There are many people who are under a strange delusion,  finding themselves serving a fake set of ideas, which are very  disturbing to them in the light of what they know and see round about.  There are many who have been told that Yahshua the Messiah is a jew, and  therefore The Most High and Savior of their faith comes out of a race  which hates Israelites, does all that it can to destroy it, and is now  working insidiously all over The United States to get the Bible and  prayer out of our schools (and have done a very good job of it too), and  to take the Name of Yahshua the Messiah out of every phase of our  National Life.

Now this is hard for some people to understand.  They ask how could Yahshua be a jew, with all jews fighting everything  that relates to His Heritage and His Name. Of course the great confusion  that exists in the minds of many is in the fact that they have been ill  – informed concerning who the House of Israel actually is, and they do  not know that there is a vast distinction between the House of Israel  (the descendants of Abraham) and the people called jews today. But we  can establish for you clearly apart from these phases of Identity that  Yahshua the Messiah is not a jew, or else all the foundations of His  Heritage have been wasted upon something that is fatuous and that has no  foundation whatsoever. We will also establish this very clearly for you  on the basis of Yahshua’s time, as well as facts, which are  self-evident as key points within the faith of Christianity.

I tell you that I am not following the jew: I am following the Incarnate  Revelation of The Most High. Before you ask me, Is Yahshua the Messiah a  jew? I ask you this question: Is Yahweh a jew? We have Yahshua’ own  words in Matthew 23:33 in which He turned and told the jews that they  are serpents and a generation of vipers. He was not talking about the  symbol of Lucifer’s kingdom. He said they are Lucifer’s descendants. I  want to emphasize the fact that one of the first things that Yahshua did  in that conversation was to deny any family relationship. (This is also  one of the important records of the book of John.) He denied any  relationship with them, and in the instance when they were creating  great pressure upon Him, Yahshua made this statement: “I Am of My  Father, and you are of your father.” Therefore, I want to point out  something that is most significant concerning Yahshua. First, let us go  to Isaiah 7:14, and read what it says about His birth. “Therefore Yahweh  Himself the Eternal One shall give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall  conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His Name Immanuel” (which is  “Yahweh with us”).

For further revelation on this subject we  turn to Isaiah 9:6 (Remember, Isaiah is an Israelite but he is not a  jew.) It reads: “For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given:  And the government shall be upon His Shoulder.” Who is He? His Name  shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty Yahweh, The Everlasting  Father, The Prince of Peace.” They are referring to the fact that He is  The Everlasting Father, that He is The Prince of Peace; and in this  identification, His Embodiment as Messiah would be the Embodiment of the  Life of Yahweh.

Now let us for a moment recognize that it was  not until the violation of Divine Law by Lucifer and his intermingling  of nefarious forces with the races (before the coming of your Race) that  there ever existed a jew upon the face of the earth. It is also noted  that these unassimilable forces are referred to in the Old Testament as  Yehudi, which word is translated jews. We realize that the Bible (the  King James version) which we have, like the Vulgate, had also been  guided in its translation by a great number of jews who, professing to  be Hebrew and Greek scholars, thought to cover up many phrases that  relate to the Identity of Yahshua and words referring to them and their  own relationship to world situations; but they were unable to efface the  most important phrases concerning Yahshua and Who He was.

Therefore  we have these facts in writing of the Apostle Paul who, without  question, is the greatest authority of the New Testament outside of the  declarations, which Yahshua Himself made. We believe the doctrine of the  Church is founded upon the contents of the writings of the Apostle Paul  and the Words of Yahshua. Their premise was also that the continuity of  The Scripture meant that the Word of Yahweh of the Old Testament  continued in the development of the truths of the new.

In the  book of Colossians we discover that this revelation means that Yahweh is  both Spirit and Soul, and can be embodied; so Spirit, Soul, and Body is  the fullness of Yahweh, and you are in His image, and you are also  Spirit, Soul, and Body. The Body of The Man Messiah was the image of the  Invisible Yahweh. We want you to know that this was the revelation of  Eternal Deity and regarding the Messiah, we read these words in the  first chapter of Colossians: “Who is the Image (or Body) of the  Invisible Yahweh, the firstborn (begotten before) of every creature.”  Then Paul tells you here in the book of Ephesians as well, that by Him  were all things created, that is by Yahshua.

For by Him were all  things Created that are in the Heavens, by Him were all things Created  that are in Earth, visible and invisible (that means spiritual or  material), whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or  powers: All things were Created by Him and for Him: And He is before all  things, and by Him all things consist.” If we did not have anything to  talk about, were would say that this was proof conclusively that Yahshua  could not be a jew, because He was before any jew existed. He was  before all things, and by Him all things consist. We point also to this:  “He is the Head of the Body, the Church, Who is the beginning, the  first born from the dead, that in all things He Might have the  preeminence.” (Colossians chapter 1) It pleases the Administering Spirit  that His Embodiment will be the fullness of all in all. That is in your  Bible, and these are the facts concerning the Person of Yahshua. He is  the Author, the Creator, the Maker, the Producer of the Universe; and  the Embodiment of all this in the physical Body was His purpose.

I  think it very important, then, that we also turn to things that are  most significant in this prophecy. It is no wonder the enemy, the higher  critics; the forces of darkness want to do away with any super-element  in our faith. If you could destroy that super-element, you might destroy  the whole foundation of Christianity, and you might challenge the Being  of Yahshua Himself. Son in this instance they try to do away with, and  they would like to take out of the story, the prophecies of Isaiah that a  virgin shall conceive and bear a Son. They want to change it today to  “a young woman”.

I can assure you that the text said a  virgin, and this was the intent. This fact is brought forth as one of  the mysteries known back in the days of Enoch. After his Heavenly  experience, Enoch also included in his revelation “The Pillars of Enoch”  that Yahweh Himself would come forth through a virgin in a body, the  fullness of Deity, the fullness of Divine Creative Power.

Now we  turn to the record in Chapter 1 of Matthew concerning the genealogy of  the Messiah, and this is “The book of the generation of Yahshua the  Messiah” He is referred to here as “the Seed of David, the Seed of  Abraham”. David was not a jew; he came out of Jesse. You will discover  that he is out of Ephraim and actually out of Joseph. David was given a  Royal Line over Judah, but not one drop of the blood of David is in the  veins of the Messiah.

We discover the fact in the book of Luke  that Mary was of the house of Levi. The house of Levi was not jew. The  house of Levi could never be called jews by anybody, nor could Judah be  called jewish, nor can you call the other ten tribes jews by any stretch  of the imagination, for they were not identified with the Kingdom of  Judah. Jews are trying to identify themselves with the House of Abraham  by saying they are Judeans, and that they descended from Judah. They  only dwelt in the land of Judea, but they were never citizens of the  House of Abraham, nor did they come through Judah.

We read the  whole genealogy in the book of Matthew from the days of Abraham on  down”…and Eleazar begat Matthan; and Matthan begat Jacob; and Jacob  begat Joseph the husband of Mary”, and it was Mary whom Yahshua was  born. So it would not make any difference in all the genealogy of the  House of Joseph, as far as the blood stream of Yahshua was concerned,  for Joseph was not the father of Yahshua the Messiah. He was only the  adopted foster father, to Yahshua and thus added a rightful title as  foster father to Yahshua. (The Jerusalem Bible footnote (Matt.1: 1)  says”…Joseph legally the father of Yahshua”.) But Yahshua held the title  by His right as King of Kings and proved that in His Own conversation  with the people of Jerusalem, as we will introduce to you.

In  the Bible we have no genealogy as to who Mary is. Mary is the only  physical Embodiment and contact of Yahshua. Here in Matthew it says: “…  Mary, of whom was born Yahshua, Who is called Yahshua”. Nowhere in the  genealogy, if you go back to the Old Testament, was the mother ever  mentioned. It always tells which father begat whom down through all  time. Why was the mother mentioned here? Why did it not mention the  mother down through this entire course? Because one of the facts of this  time in history was that the Virgin Mary was the mother of Yahshua and  His only physical contact on Earth. Was she a jewess? Absolutely not!

Mary  is of the House of Levi, so by no stretch of imagination could she be  called a jewess . Levi was given for the true priesthood from the days  of Aaron right on down to the present time; the ministry was called the  ministry of Yahweh “forever” Let us turn back to the hour of the birth  of Yahshua. This was in the days of Herod the King of Judea, and there  was a certain priest named Zacharias (his wife was Elisabeth the  daughters of Aaron). John the Baptist was born of Elisabeth, and Yahshua  came forth from the womb of Mary. Now Elisabeth and Mary were cousins,  one family, and one Household. In Luke 1:36 we read (as the angel  addresses Mary): “And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth hath also conceived a  son in her old age.” Now this will help us to understand. The  priesthood of Aaron was continued in the Levitical priesthood. This  proves Mary was of the Household of Levi.

We bring to your  attention, for we have the evidence referred to time after time, that  the body of Yahshua was born of Incorruptible Seed. If you want to go  back in the miracle pattern of religious philosophy, you will discover  that as far as Adam is concerned he was the issue of Yahweh; he was His  Life, he was the seed which He begat in the earth for establishing the  race from which would come His Kingdom.

As we called to your  attention before, in the sixth day (era) Yahweh created and consummated  through these geological ages of His time, the making of everything in  the Universe. He had even made man. “Male and female made He them, “ But  on the eighth day He Said, “there is no Adamite to till the soil”, and  He brought forth Adam, the very issue out of Himself. Do you know what  the Apostle Paul tells us in Corinthians concerning Yahshua? This was  the Body of Yahweh, the second Adam; and as Adam is the issue of Yahweh,  so the Messiah is the second Adam. But He was also the first-born of  every creature, because He was before all things, and by Him all things  consist.

Yahshua began to preach one day, and He challenged the  people “ Do you know before Abraham was, I was?” If, then, He was before  Abraham, those who think the jews started with Abraham would be forced  to conclude that Yahshua (having been before Abraham) could not have  been a relative of the jews. When Abraham went out on the plains of  Moreh, he met an unknown personage; the one whom He met for the first  time was called Melchizedek, the great mystery title of the Eternal  Priesthood of the Eternal Yahweh.

The Apostle Paul tells you in  the 7th chapter of the book of Hebrews who Melchizedek was: He was  without beginning of days, or end of life, the Eternal Priest and King  Forever. There is only one individual without beginning of days or end  of life; and He, my friends, is Yahshua the Messiah. John was exiled to  the Isle of Patmos for the testimony of Yahshua the Messiah. Suppose I  introduce you to the fact that, according to the book of Revelation,  while he was there and while he was meditating, Yahweh appeared before  him? He heard the sound of a trumpet; and as he turned, he beheld the  beautiful spectacle of radiant Majesty and Light. He saw Deity standing  before him; he threw himself to the ground; he heard the words: “I am  Alpha and Omega; I am The Ever-Living Yahweh.” John says he trembled  before the symbol of Majesty. The voice said, John stand upon your feet.  You walked with Me along the shores of Galilee; I am Yahshua. And he  beheld and knew that the Ever-Living was the Very One with Whom he had  walked. “Fear not. I hold the keys of death and the grave. Stand upon  your feet.” Do you suppose that The Almighty Yahweh is a jew? Yahweh  save the world!

When Yahshua was twelve years old, He, His  mother and Joseph (His foster father) went down to Jerusalem. He became  separated from them. Do you know where they found Him? In the temple,  confounding the wise men and the scribes; He knew more that they did. He  was expounding to them the mysteries of the Scriptures, for He has put  them together. From that time on, Yahshua was busy on these things. Oh,  you say, He was working in the carpenter shop? He lived in the City of  Nazareth? Not very much. You want me to prove that to you? Joseph of  Arimathea owned the tin mines of Cornwall in Britain and, being of the  true stock of the Kingdom of Israel, he was one of the most powerful  members of the Sanhedrin. His ships ploughed up and down the coasts of  Europe, through the Pillars of Hercules, and in the Mediterranean.  Joseph was a good man; he laid Yahshua in his tomb. This is a matter of  history. You can go to Rome today and see where Joseph paid constant  duty from one country to another.

Suppose I tell you that all  during His Youth, up to the time He was 30 years old, He was in Europe?  Yahshua was here, and he was there; He was preaching. You, say, You  cannot prove that. Yes, I can prove it. I am going to show you something  here that you will remember. In Luke we have a story of how Yahshua was  baptized, and after Lucifer assaulted Him with temptation, He was away  for awhile. After He returned to the City of Nazareth, He went down to  the temple to preach. When He stood up with authority and power (for He  had the symbol of authority; they had handed Him the scroll) and He  talked, the people said, Who is this? Now, my friends, if Yahshua had  been constantly in attendance here, if He had been growing up here since  He was twelve years old, they would not have guessed or pondered who  this was who stood up to preach.

I will show you something  significant. If you turn to 1 Timothy 3:16 you will read these words  concerning Yahshua: “ And without controversy great is the mystery of  godliness; Yahweh was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit,  seen of angels, preached unto the nations, believed on in the world,  received up into glory.”

If Yahweh was manifest in the flesh, He  was justified in the Sprit, and He preached unto the Nations—when did  He do that? He did that before He commenced the three-year ministry,  which was to be historic, that went up to His crucifixion. How I can  prove to you that over here in the records, we have Yahshua as He  returns from having been in a far country. As He arrives at the seat of  Customs of the local government, they want to collect taxes from Him.  Yahshua turns to His disciples, saying, Of whom do the kings collect  taxes, of their own or of strangers? (Here was King Herod collecting  taxes from Yahshua.) Yahshua, not to argue with them, said, Go down and  catch a fish. They brought a fish to Him, and He said, Take the money  out of its mouth. They found there the golden coin with which to pay the  taxes.

What I want to point out to you is that Yahshua the  Messiah had been outside the country and had returned at this instance.  He had been preaching in a far country, and the records show that He  paid taxes and paid customs. The jews recognized He was a stranger. More  than that, in another instance we can show you something, which is  significant to this pattern. You remember, in the book of John there are  many mysteries; they are only mysteries because the Church never  applied itself to these many things, and these are also correlated with  evidence that we discover all through the writings of Matthew, Mark, and  Luke; but especially in John are these things made known. I read here  in John concerning that which Yahshua was speaking that the jews, the  Pharisees, the chief priests in the time of Yahshua were fatuous, and  came in the line of the Canaanites. They were not the true seed of  Israel. That is why Yahshua told them: “I am of My Father, and you are  of your father.”

In John chapter 7, He tells the chief priests  and officers that came to take Him, I am going to be here a little  while, and I am going into the Spirit whence I have come. “You shall  seek Me, and shall not find Me; for where I am going you cannot come.”  So it is obvious: Where Yahshua was going, the jews could not go. Yes,  He was going to Heaven. Well, then, the jews could not get there.

The  jews said, “Where will He go that we can not find Him? Will He go to  the dispersed among the nations? Will He go there and teach them?” The  priest and Pharisees asked the officers, “Why have you not seized Him?  Why did you not bring Him?” And the officers answered, “Never spake man  like this man”. Then spake the Pharisees, “ Are ye also deceived? Have  any of the rulers or the Pharisees believed on Him?” Nicodemus (who  visited Yahshua by night) stepped up. “Now Listen: The Law does not  judge any man before it hears him.” They said to him: “Oh, are you also  one of His disciples? No prophet comes out of Galilee” The jews said He  was not a jew; they said He was a Galilean.

Now, remember, the  Galileans were not jews. You say, prove that. All right, let’s turn to  the sixth chapter of John. Yahshua the Messiah had twelve disciples. One  of them was a jew; that was Judas Iscariot. All the rest came out of  Galilee, out of the Household of His selection. He asked them a question  concerning His identity, and Simon Peter said: “Master, where shall we  go? Thou hast the words of Eternal Life. We believe and are sure that  Thou are the Messiah.” That means the Embodiment of Yahweh, the Very  Seed, the Embodiment of The Most High.

Yahshua said: “Have not I  chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?” While that may be just a  name you call somebody, to Yahshua it was a generation of Lucifer.  Yahshua turned to the jews on Solomon’s porch, and said: “Ye are of your  father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. I am from  above; I am of Yahweh, and ye are of the devil. I am Yahweh’s offspring,  and ye are the devil’s offspring.” You say, is that in the Bible? That  is in the book of John, which you have. John also says: “ He spake of  Judas Iscariot…for he it was that should betray Him…”

In John  7:1 we read: “After these things Yahshua walked in Galilee: For he would  not walk in Jewry, because the jews sought to kill Him.” You understand  that in Galilee He would not be among the jews. The brethren of  Yahshua, the friends of Yahshua, and the Galileans (the people of the  community where Yahshua lived) went down to Jerusalem; but there, no man  dared speak openly of Him for fear of the jews. Let us turn to the  words of Yahshua in the eighth chapter of John. He makes the declaration  concerning His purpose. He went over to the temple and all the people  came, and He taught them, saying:” I bear record of Myself, and My  record is true.” The Pharisees said” “Your record is not true.” So we  have the jew Pharisees denying Yahshua. He said: I know whence I came I  came and whither I go, but you cannot tell whence I came and whither I  go.” They asked, “Where is your Father?” Then Yahshua said: “If ye had  known Me, ye should have known My Father also.” These words spake  Yahshua in the treasury, as He taught in the temple: And no man laid  hands on Him. For His hour was not yet come. Then Yahshua said, “ I go  My way and ye shall seek Me and die in your sins: Whither I go, ye  cannot come… And He said, ye are from beneath: I am from above; ye are  of this world; I am not of this world.”

So Yahshua said, You are  of a different race, a different origin, and a different background.  Let me tell you about the whole Race of Israel. Turn to John 17. John  records that Yahshua praised the Father, and in this declaration, the  Man Yahshua the Messiah, in the Body unveiling for posterity facts  concerning the Eternal Spirit: “ I have manifested Thy Name unto the men  which Thou gavest Me out of the world. Thine they were, and Thou gavest  Me; and they have kept Thy word…. I pray for them. I pray not for the  world, but for them whom Thou hast given Me; and they have kept Thy  Word…. I pray for them. I pray not for the world, but for them whom Thou  hast given Me; for they are Thine… and Thine are Mine.”

Yahshua  said, I pray for those whom thou hast given Me. I have given them Thy  Word, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I  do not pray that you take them out of the world, but keep them in it,  and protect them from evil (calamity). “ I am not of the world.” He was  the Almighty Ever-Living One from Heaven.

That is why one of the  mysteries you find in the book of Hebrews is quite clear. He said your  Race was a Race of strangers and pilgrims here. Yahweh put a gracious  forgetful-ness over you, so you would do the job, which you were sent to  do.

No Israelite was related to a jew; and if he married one he  could not enter the temple, nor could his posterity. You say, I thought  Yahshua was a jew. No; Yahshua could not be a jew! If He was the  Almighty Yahweh, if He was Holy Seed, if He was Incorruptible Seed, if  He was before all things, that would be impossible.

In John  chapter 12 the Pharisees said, We have got to do something about this  man. Perceive ye how ye prevail nothing ever since He raised Lazarus  from the dead? Many knew of this miracle. People all over the world were  learning about the fact that Yahshua had raised Lazarus from the dead,  and they had gone after Him.

Now great nations sent ambassadors  and messengers, and certain Greeks who were important people came to  worship Yahshua. They said to Phillip of Bethsaida, “Sir, we would see  Yahshua.” Then Philip, Andrew, and the others came to Him saying, men  are coming from these lands and places and they want to see you. Yahshua  answered: “The hour is come that the Incarnate Revelation of Yahweh  should be glorified.”

The Pharisees said, We had better stop  Him; the whole world is coming out to see Him. And therefore we have the  testimony of this impact, where the chief priests consulted how they  might put Lazarus to death in order to stop acceptance of the truth.  Yahweh walked among them as The Messiah. He raised a man from the dead  and they were so filled with hatred and jealousy that they wanted to put  him to death again! Don’t talk about brotherhood to me! I don’t want  any part of them!

Since Yahshua made this declaration concerning  His purpose and plan, the Pharisees were taking counsel how they might  entangle Him as He spoke. Yahshua said, Who is The Messiah? There is  only one answer to this. If they were acquainted with the prophets, the  Messiah was going to be the Embodiment of Yahweh, Immanuel. He was going  to assume the Household Throne, The Throne of David, because He is  Yahweh and Father of such a throne. But because of their  interpretations, He would be the Son of David. Matthew chapter 22 tells  us that Yahshua asked them, How can you say He is the Son of David? When  in the Psalms David called Him Yahweh? Now Yahshua said, “If David,  then, calls The Messiah Yahweh, how could He be David’s son?” Hear this”  He was before David, and David therefore sang of the fact that The  Messiah was going to be Yahweh Embodied among men. Do you know what  happened after this? Matthew says: “No man was able to answer Him a  word, neither doth any man from that day forth ask Him any more  questions.”

Never has there been a period when it was more  important that men recognize what the Apostle Paul said in Colossians  chapter 1: “That He is before all things, and by Him all things consist;  that He is The Eternal One!”

Yahweh made a declaration in the  Old Testament that He would visit His Own people, “that I Yahshua am Thy  Saviour; besides Me there is no Almighty One.” In the hour of the  revelation, the One who will be embodied will be Yahweh The Eternal  Deity. By this declaration, you have the evidence right here in the  Scripture that His Name was Yahshua. This is the Greek way of saying  Jesu (Yahshua), and the people came out and recognized Him as such. On  Palm Sunday they cried: “Hosanna: Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of  Yahweh; Hosanna in The Highest!

As we look at Matthew chapter  16, we see Yahshua has returned from the coasts of Caesarea of Philippi,  which is a Mediterranean seaport. He turns to His disciples (especially  Peter) and asks: “Remember this: The words Seed of Man, now used in  Scripture, are some of the most sacred words in the Hebrew language:  They mean the Embodiment of Yahweh. They answered Him: “Some say you are  John the Baptist, some say you are Elias, others say you are Jeremiah  or one of the prophets.” He said to His disciples who had been with Him:  “Who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter said, “You are the Messiah, You  are the Seed of the Living Yahweh.”Yahshua said, “Simon Bar-jona, you  did not receive this from flesh and blood; the Spirit of Yahweh alone  could reveal it unto you, and upon this declaration of Faith I will  build My Church, and all the gates of perdition shall not prevail  against it.” Now let every Israelite throughout the world think: It is  upon the revelation that Yahshua is the Embodiment of Yahweh that the  Church is built, and upon the declaration of this Faith the jew is  destroyed. Yahshua The Messiah is either Yahweh the Almighty One, or our  Faith is hung on empty philosophy. Who has ever heard of an empty  philosophy that raised the dead? Who has ever heard of Incorruptible  Seed coming by any course other than out of the Spirit? This was evident  when Yahshua told He was born of Incorruptible Seed!

We are  told that He was Innocent blood that this was not Adam’s blood but was  the blood of Heaven. You say; He was also Mary’s blood. Oh no: He was  not Mary’s blood. Mary gave Him body and character; the blood is formed  within the child; the blood that courses through the veins of the child  is born of the embryo. The mother’s blood may nourish the child, but the  blood within the child is the blood of the embryo. This was the Life of  Yahweh; this was the Embodiment of Yahweh; and therefore this was  Innocent blood, not Adam’s blood. Had this been Adam’s blood, He could  not have been a Lamb without spot or without blemish. His atonement  would have been of no value.

Now we have something else that is  significant. He said, “You are flesh of My flesh and bone of My bone,”  because He had identified Himself with His Own Household, and His Own  people. Yahshua came to the land of His Own Inheritance. The occupiers  there did not receive Him, and therefore He told them a parable of how  imposters held the land, and when they beheld The Messiah, they beheld  the Son (seed) of the King. They said, “behold, we are not the heirs,  let us kill Him.” Thus, they identified themselves as not the heirs, and  recognized that Yahshua was the heir, and they proved that they did not  belong to His Family. They perceived that Yahshua spoke this parable  against them, and they said: “Come, let us kill Him, and let us seize  His Inheritance.” (Matthew, Mark, and Luke makes record of this  matter.)

I think it most significant to know that the Apostle  Paul said, “I am an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin. I was of the  sect of the jews, but not one by race.” In the book of 1 Thessalonians  he tells us these words concerning the jews: “They please not Yahweh,  and are contrary to all men.” Paul was an eminent authority on this  subject because for a long time, he was under the influence of their  false position, and suddenly the Spirit of Yahweh called him out of it.  Yahshua said, If I had one lost sheep, I would search for him and, in  the sovereignty of predestination He called Paul and designed this  apostle for a Great Ministry. Paul beheld the vision in the Heavens and  The Glory and The Majesty and The Revelation of Yahweh, and he heard His  Voice, and answered, “Who art Thou, Yahweh?” The jews who were around  could not see Yahshua; they only heard that it thundered. After the  apostle had his eyes opened and could see again, he now discerned the  difference between the false propaganda that had been carried to him  over the Southern portion of Europe (where he had studied in the City of  Tarsus) and the real truths that were involved.

You know, one  of these days, all Israelites are going to have their eyes opened and  know whom they are. They are going to be known, as they are known. They  are going to think as He thinks, and know as He knows, and in that hour  they are going to discover the Great and Tremendous Covenant that Yahweh  has made with their Forefathers. In that place where you are called  “gentiles” and “not My people”, it is going to be revealed that you are  the Children of The Living Yahweh! As the sands of the seashore, you are  the Children of The Covenant. Every last one of your Race came out of  the Heavens to Earth by the process of birth, even as Yahshua came by  this route, except He was Embodied as the fullness of Divine Offspring.  If Adam was the first Adam, and Yahshua was the second Adam, then He was  The Embodiment of Yahweh’s Life.

I turn in Revelation and  Colossians to that which reveals a part of the mighty purpose of the  Most High and tells us what Yahweh intends to do: That, therefore, He  created all things which are in the Heavens as well as those that are in  Earth, visible and invisible, thrones, dominions, principalities, and  powers: All things were Created by Him, and for Him. He is the Head of  the Body, the Church. He is the first-born out of the dead, that in all  things He might have the preeminence. The Scripture says it pleases  Deity and Spirit, that this fullness dwells within Him and, having made  peace through the blood of His Own Cross, to reconcile all things unto  Himself, whether they be things in Earth or things in Heaven. Now I  point this out to you: This was the Incarnated Yahweh Who found Himself  therefore in this form. I read in Philippians 2:8-10: “And being found  in fashion as a man. He humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death,  even the death of the cross. Wherefore the Creative Spirit, the Eternal  Essence of Yahweh, hath highly exalted this body of flesh, and having  bestowed upon Him a Name which is above every name: That at the Name of  Yahshua every knee should bow, of things that are in Heaven and things  that are in Earth, even things which are under the Earth, that every  tongue should confess that Yahshua is the Eternal Yahweh for The Eternal  Glory of The Eternal Father.”

Now therefore we point out to you  that it is by this revelation that we are told here in Philippians 3:21  that He is able to change our bodies like unto His Own Glorious Body by  the power that He possesses to subdue all things even unto Himself.  John 8:58: “Verily, verily I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I was.”

I  think a significant revelation when one proceeds into the pattern of  the Old Testament is that you find the word Saviour (Yahshua) meaning  The Eternal Yahweh. In the revelation when the Person of the Most High  stands before Joshua, the Embodiment of Yahweh, the angel of The  Almighty, stands before Him and the Body of Yahweh is there. We discover  that Jacob wrestled with the Body of Yahweh. Yahweh became Embodied and  walked with men! He appeared before Enoch and Job in the ancient  mysteries of the records of the ancient City of On, where He visited  Enoch and Job in the land of Egypt, and spread out before them and gave  them the symbols of that early communion. You see, the revelation of  Yahweh, the Embodiment of Yahweh, is not something new. Yahweh is the  Same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever.

Yahshua said to the jews:  “I speak and declare unto you the truth, but you cannot understand My  words because you lack spiritual capacity.” I want to bring to your  attention that in John chapter 10, Yahshua said: “I am the Good  Shepherd, The Good Shepherd giveth His Life for the sheep…I have come  for My sheep.” In Matthew chapter 10 He commanded His disciples: “Go  unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” But in John chapter 10, He  tells the jews: “Ye believe not because ye are not of My sheep. My sheep  hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me: And I give unto  them Eternal Life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man  pluck them out of My Hand.”

Someone says, Is there any hope?  There is hope for everything in the Universe. Turn over here in Acts  3:21 to Peter’s message as he speaks to a great number of Israelites who  had come from many areas out of every Nation. They had heard great  things about Yahshua, had come to the Passover and, now as Peter and the  apostles under the power of the Spirit spake, they listened to His  words: “Therefore repent and be converted…for the times of refreshing  shall come from the presence of The Eternal, Yahshua Who before was  preached unto you, Whom the Heavens must receive until the times of the  restitution of all things, which Yahweh hath spoken by the mouth of all  His Holy prophets since the world began.” Restitution means everything  shall be restored as Yahweh made it. He made only three pure races —  White, black, and yellow. Everything else is hybrid. The jews are  hybrids.

We turn over to the book of Revelation again and we see  the words: “I am Alpha and Omega.” The last chapter of the book is  still the same pattern of Divine purpose, the Kingdom of Our Master  Yahshua the Messiah, and in this instance you will note, “I am Alpha and  Omega, the Beginning and The End, The First and The Last… I am the  Root…”

So I turn for one last happy thought and tell you this:  There are many deceivers in the world. Who is a deceiver? He is the one  that says Yahshua the Messiah is not come in the flesh. “This is a  deceiver and an anti-Messiah.” (II John 7)

Then you have the  words of the Apostle John as he writes about these things in his first  epistle. He says in the fourth chapter that there are many spirits. “Try  them to see whether they be of Yahweh, for there are many false  prophets that have come into the world. Every spirit that confesses that  Yahshua the Messiah is come in the flesh is of Yahweh; but every spirit  that confesses not that Yahshua the Messiah has come in the flesh is  the spirit of anti-Messiah, which you have heard and is already in the  world.” Therefore the declaration of John is that everybody that does  not recognize that Yahshua is The Embodiment of Yahweh is anti-Messiah.

Now  all jews refuse to recognize that Yahshua is The Embodiment of Yahweh,  (don’t take my word on this, go and ask one) and they deny that He is in  their records and books such as “The Bible in the Hands of Its Creator”  and many others. They say that Yahshua is Satan, and that the devil  that they worship is El. I point out to you that Yahshua knew who their  father was. No wonder He said: “I am Yahweh and you are of your father  the devil.”

Take your choice: Yahshua or the jews, Israelite or  jewry, The Kingdom of Yahweh or world government that leads to socialist  and communist slavery. Their dream has been the thing they have  financed not only throughout the ages, but from the time of Karl Marx to  the revolutions of our time.

The Kingdom of Yahweh has brought  Knowledge and Blessing to the ends of the Earth. You are of the “have”  Nations of the world, the Israelite Nations of Yahweh’s Kingdom, and are  Blessed by every Covenant Promise, which He made to them.

I  want you to remember that Yahshua on the Mount of Transfiguration stood  before Peter, James, and John and suddenly He was enveloped in radiant  Glory. The effulgent Light that came forth from Yahshua covered His  clothes until it became translucent with His Glory – so radiant – so  bright, that the three men stood transfixed by the Majesty of sudden  Light that had come from all around the Person of Yahshua and had  enveloped Him in its Glory. Suddenly, Moses and Elias, stepped out of  the dimension of Spirit, and they talked with Yahshua concerning the  things of the Kingdom, proving the Eternal Cycle of Eternal Life that  comes out of the Kingdom of Light and Life.

Then the disciples  said, Let us stay here. Yahshua said, No, you go down from this  Mountain. I just wanted you to see these things. And while they were  talking “they saw no man, save Yahshua only.” They came down from that  mountain filled and charged: They had beheld the Glory of Yahweh. This,  my friends, was the Glory you had in part before the world was framed.

We  are told that He has ascended into Heaven, and sits in the Seat of  Authority, and that He holds the Scepter Hand of Authority. What did  Yahshua say to the jews? “Where I go you cannot come.” What does He say  to you? “Absent from the body is to be present with The Most High.” I  bring to your attention that this is about the Children of His Kingdom  and His Household.

Right now what is your responsibility? You  are members of the Embodiment of Yahweh/Yahshua; you are citizens of a  Great Nation of Yahweh’s Kingdom. You are to lift up the standards of  this Great Nation; you are to carry forward the blueprint of Yahweh’s  Kingdom; you are to resist the very enemy. You are to cleanse your  Israelite society of the enemies of Yahweh/Yahshua that seek to pervert  your Israelite Heritage and your Nation by destroying your Identity.  They seek to remove the Deity of Yahweh/Yahshua from the thinking of  this Great Nation. He is the Rock and the Corner Stone, and upon this  Foundation our Heritage will survive!

Take a dollar bill and  look at the Seal of The United States. Notice the reverse side of that  seal as well. You will see a pyramid, the all-seeing eye of The Almighty  Yahweh, the Chief Capstone upon it. Remember these words that Yahshua  spoke: “This Stone is the Head Stone.” The Capstone. It is to become the  Chief Corner Stone, and it is still going to be the Head Stone of The  Kingdom. That is why Paul said concerning this Capstone of Yahshua, The  Eternal Corner Stone, The Chief Corner Stone at the top “In Whom the  whole building fitly framed together grows into a Holy Temple unto  Yahweh,” in which He is the Chief Corner Stone sealing the whole thing  in perfection. The perfect symbol of the entire building is the  Capstone, for it has every angle, every facet, and every side that the  rest of the building has when in completion, when He seals it in. And  this, my friends, is the reason we tell you that He, Who is The  Completer of all things, Seals The Children of His Household in  perfection. So be it. Even so, come, Almighty Yahweh.