Non-Whites in the Bible

Where to look in the Bible for Niggers


The word beast appears throughout scriptures and often appears as simple  "Beast," or "Beast of the Field," or "Beast of the Earth." Three  different Hebrew words are translated into the English word BEAST in the  Bible. The Hebrew word CHAYAH means LIVING CREATURE, the word BEHEMA,  meaning quadrupeds (like cattle), and BEIR meaning BRUTE BEAST. The  Greek word ZOON translated BEAST means LIVING CREATURE.

In tracing this word down through scriptures, it is important to note that  the Bible speaks of both quadruped (four-footed) beast and biped  (two-legged) beasts. If you have failed to distinguish between beasts  (quadruped) and beasts (biped) in the Holy Bible, you have missed a  great deal of truth. We are concerned with the Hebrew word CHAYAH, which  means LIVING CREATURE, and which we feel refers to the following biped  (two-legged) beasts.

As you study the following scriptures and  provide an answer to each question, perhaps the full implications the  Bible biped beast will become more clear to you.

It is  interesting to note that in all of these scriptures we find reference to  a BEAST that is apparently biped (two-footed) and who can talk, riot,  commit adultery, co-habit with man, work in vineyards , use his hands,  wear clothing, cry unto his creator and sow his seed with other races.  Those who have clearly traced this Hebrew word CHAYAH through the  scriptures under the English word beast, know it is speaking of the  NEGRO! If this truth were known and taught from the pulpits of American  churches, it would stop the mad race towards racial suicide and  mongrelization of the races dead in its tracks.

Was Joel speaking of a "beast" or field hand in Joel 2:22?

What kind of a beast do you know that wears clothing (sack-cloth) as we read in Jonah 3:8?

What kind of a beast has hands as reported in Exodus 19:13?

What type of beast is capable of mixing or "sowing" his seed with the "seed of Adam" as described in Jeremiah 31:27?

What  kind of a male beast could a woman lust after and "lie down thereto"  and cause God to have them executed in righteous judgment? Leviticus  20:16

What kind of a female beast could a man lust after and cause a penalty of death to be decreed by God? Leviticus 20:15

What  kind of beast would have the ability to "keep the vineyard" as we find  in the Song of Solomon, Chapter 1, who incidentally was Black?

What kind of a beast "cries mightily unto God" in Jonah 3:8-10?

What kind of a beast would have "eyes full of adultery", as recorded in 2 Peter 2:12-14?

What kind of beast loves to riot in the daytime? 2 Peter 2:12-14

What kind of a beast can talk or speak? 2 Peter 2:12

What kind of a beast was made to be taken and DESTROYED? 2 Peter 2:12

Where to Look in the Bible for jews

Who was the Bible written for? Read Genesis 5:1

Who did Jesus come for? Read St. Matthew 15:24

Are Jews Israel? Read St. John lO:24-26

Why Aren't the Jews Israel? Read St. John 8:44

Did the Jews come from Abraham? Read St. John 8:39

Were the Jews ever in bondage? Read St. John 8:33

Did Cain come from Adam? Read Genesis 3:1, 13-l5

Who is this serpent? Read Revelation 12:9

Was Cain of the wicked one? Read 1 John 3:12.

Is Israel at war with the Canaanite Jews? Read Genesis 3:15

What does the Bible say we are to do with these Canaanite Jews? Read Deuteronomy 7:1-6

Are we to "hate" the Jews since they are God's enemies? Read Psalms l39:19-22

Did God say he would call His people Israel by a new name? Read Isaiah 62:2

What was this new name that Yahweh would call us by? Read The Acts 11:26

Would Jew Babylon be thrown down by violence? Read Revelation 18:21

Should we give heed to Jewish fables? Read Titus 1:14

Are the Jews anti-Christ? Read 2 John Chapter 7

Who is a liar? Read I John 2:22

Do the Jews deny that Jesus is the Christ? Read St. John 10:25

Will there be any Canaanite Jews in the House of Yahweh of hosts? Read Zechariah 14:21

What is to happen to false preachers that teach that the Jews are "God's Chosen"? Read Jeremiah Chapter 23

What is to happen to those who "overcometh"? Read Revelation 2:7

Do you know about the second mystery, the tares among the wheat? Read Matthew 13:24-30

Who are the tares? Is it not the devil and his children the Jews? Read St. Matthew 13:36-40