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We are a Bible believing, right wing, conservative, Christian organization. We reverently acknowledge the majesty and supremacy of Jesus Christ, and recognize his goodness and divine providence. Christ is the Klansman's criterion of character and to Him we look for Light, Love, and Life. We are preparing ourselves and others for the coming disorder that will test the very survival of the White Race. We are pledged to uphold the Christian ideas of our forefathers. The image the media portrays us as is false. If that is the only view of the Klan that what you have ever seen, take a few minutes and read the information we provide here on our website. Are you concerned with the survival of the White Race? Are you concerned with decline of Christian morals and values that once made our country strong? Are you tired of our country becoming a third world nation? Are you worthy to become a O.W.K. member?

Our primary purpose is to unite white men and women here in our country, that are fed up of seeing our country being taken over by communist and Anti-White forces. The Oklahoma White Knights are committed to taking our Klan into the 21st century with new ideas, a new leadership, and turning this powerful Klan organization into becoming the new face of the Klan of Oklahoma. We believe that the Oklahoma White Knights will become a political force and White political movement here in Oklahoma. We stand strong on the idea of  Nationalism. The meaning of nationalism is a strong belief that the interests of a particular nation-state are of primary importance. Also, the belief that a people who share a common language, history, and culture should constitute an independent nation, free of foreign domination. As simple as that can be, America has lost their Racial Identity and it's true patriotism. We are here to rebuild the foundation of our American Forefathers once did.

Oklahoma White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will promise a better future for our people. But in order for us to get to that point we must reach out to the rest of our people and educate them to the problems we are seeing in today's society. It's not a easy task and it won't happen over night. It takes hard work, dedication, and time. We need strong leaders and people that really want to change our country. 

We the Oklahoma White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are fighting against a real Racial Holy War 24/7.  White genocide is as real as it can be, our people are going extinct. In the 1900's the White Race has dropped from a world's population from 30% to just 8%. That is a major population decline and very frightening for our Race.  We must banned together do what ever it takes to stop the communist and Anti-White forces in a "NON-Violent Way" here in America.  Do you have what it takes to stop White Genocide?


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