One of the most pressing problems facing America these days is that of interracial dating and marriage, especially between the Black and White races. With the tremendous flow of alien elements into the United States over the past fifty years (both legal and illegal), especially from Asia, Africa and Hispanic nations, we have seen dramatic changes in the very essence which once made up the White Christian nation of the United States.

Many who have encouraged this vast foreign invasion, have said that it strengthens our country and they point out how our country was settled by immigrants. This is true of course, as history proves. During one fifty year period during the Nineteenth Century, the greatest immigration of all history took place, as over 50-million immigrants came to America’s shores. At least 90% of these people came from White Christian nations.

They were raised on Christian philosophy, and although they did not all speak the same language; their heart’s language was the same. They came from countries where one God was revered and a special day of worship had been set aside to honor Him; where the laws and Constitutions of their parent nations, had been built on the foundation of God’s law. These were nations in whose blood was engrained the Israelite. Family was honored; women were placed on a special pedestal and the work ethic was in effect.

The liberal Democratic Party leadership learned quickly that the votes of the illiterate immigrants would keep them in power. Government policy was put into effect, but not for the welfare of White Christian America and its people, but for the politicians in Washington. Since traitorous leaders opened the floodgate into the United States it has been overflowed by the criminal and garbage element of the world. They have turned this Constitutional Republic into a Socialist Welfare State, called a Democracy, which is fast falling under the power and control of the ZOG.

You may be asking yourself what this all has to do with race mixing. For this tremendous flow of non-White foreigners, plus the relaxing of moral standards by the same enemy which encouraged immigration, is now deliberately mixing White boys and girls, with those of other races knowing that close association will cause inter-racial sexual activity. These are the ones who push “sex education” in our schools, knowing full well that it does not protect the students, but causes them to be sexually active. They know that handing out condoms does not promote morality among our youth, but encourages immorality.

This is their goal, the weakening of the moral and spiritual status of our citizens, to where they can be amalgamated and controlled. They know that history proves that racial integration has been a major factor in the destruction of every great civilization that practiced it. No nation which has experimented with mixing races has ever survived the social disaster it has caused, and since the plans of the ZOG calls for the destruction of White Christian civilization, they know they MUST destroy our youth, who are the foundation of our future strength.

Race mixing, cripples God’s original design, the plan God had for every race. He gave each race distinct characteristics, which makes them different from all others. “Race mixing,” is an attempt to destroy God’s plan for the races. It violates the inherent “blueprint” for the genes of each human body these genes become mixed up, producing abnormal or irregular patterns.

The genes of the dominant parent will always determine the results in their children. In spite of liberal arguments to make all men “equal”, biologists know that each race is distinctly different, in body formation, inherent intelligence, and in the very structure of their blood cells. All races are not biologically the same. 

God created all things to produce “kind after kind”. This is a biological law, and is as strong and lasting as the “Law of Gravity”, or the “Law of Harvest”. Its apparent in the Bible that God wanted each race to remain pure. He even designated certain areas in which they were to live.

Inter-mingling violates God’s Law (Natural Law) of reproduction. This inter-mingling is unknown to all other species. It is only man who interferes with God’s law. It has been proven that if the horse mates with a zebra, it will produce offspring with zebra stripes for generations to come. The lion will not mate with the tiger, unless man forces it to. In many cases of artificial, or forced interbreeding, as between a horse and a donkey, the offspring, becomes incapable of reproduction.

God opposes race mixing because of the disastrous results. Nowhere in scriptures, old or new testament, does it consider it as right, despite what our youth are being taught.

Problems of Mixed Couples Facts

1) Black Males are 20 times more likely to be bisexual  than are white males. The are also many times more likely to be users  of intravenous drugs than are Whites. The obvious implication here is that the White female who chooses a non-White mate drastically increases her chances of exposure to the dreaded HIV-AIDS plague and  the hideous death that inevitably follows. According to the medical sources in 1996, one out of every 33 young Black males is infected with  AIDS (numbers have increased) in comparison to one in 100 White males as a whole. Were this one fact common knowledge, interracial mating would cease overnight? (hopefully)

2) Negro genes are dominant over that of a White by a 4-1 ratio. This means that any offspring from such a union will always favor the Black parent, even if the Black parent is  not a full-blooded Negro.

3) Domestic Violence is far more  prevalent among mixed couples than among Whites. We need only to cite the O.J. Simpson-Nicole Brown marriage as evidence for this.

4)  White parents will often disown a child who enters into an interracial relationship. They are in fact despised by the general public of both races.

5) When and interracial baby is  conceived, a White family line, thousands of years old, has instantly  ceased to exist. In fact, one could say that the only reason and  individual is White today is because all of their ancestors mated only with other Whites.

6) Inherited health problems of the Negro race, such as sickle-cell anemia, can be passed along to the mix-breed offspring of an interracial couple.

7) The Low I.Q. of Negroes has  been scientifically proven to be hereditary. Low I.Q. people breed only  more low I.Q. offspring and usually have large numbers of offspring, further polluting the White gene pool. Blacks score 15 to 20 points lower than Whites on every intelligence test ever given: Blacks have brains which exhibit primitive features such as small size, light weight, fewer convolutions (wrinkles linked to intelligence). For this reason, the offspring of interracial couples will have lower intelligence than if the White partner had a child by another White person.

8) The divorce rate of interracial marriages is 75%.

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