There are thousands of governments and organizations working for the interests of non-Whites. How many organizations stand up for the cultural values, security, and ideals of White People? Not many; as a result, we are faced with reverse discrimination in government, churches, schools, jobs, promotions and scholarships. Busing for forced integration, gun control, abortion, anti-white movies, music and television programs. In short, a society oriented to the wishes of Replacing Whites. The Aryan Freedom Network is unapologetic committed to the interests, ideas, security and cultural values of the White Race. We are determined to protect our Race from going into extinction. We are fast and strong because we have never compromised the Truth. Interested in joining the Aryan Freedom Network, then click here.

The Dixie Unity Rally event is cosponsored by the United Klan Nation of the Ku Klux Klan and Aryan Freedom Network. Hundreds of Klansmen, White Nationalist and other pro-White organizations from all across the South will be gathering together in Alabama to show strength and Racial Unity. This is a family friendly event and welcome to bring youth from all ages. The event will be hosted on private property.

List of Activities and Rules Below:
Rally Gates opens at 11:00 am for all guests. Camping will be allowed on the rally field for guest wanting to campout that Saturday but must leave by 10:00 am that Sunday morning.

Outdoor Games:
Boxing – Anyone taking part in the boxing must bring their own mouth guard and 14oz gloves.
Tug of War
Strong Man Competiton
More games to be announced later.

Guest Speakers:
Brother Jan from South Africa with History Reviewed
Brother JB with the United Klan Nation of the Ku Klux Klan
Brother Henry with the Aryan Freedom Network

Food and Beverages:
Chili, Burgers, Hotdogs and side dishes.
Water, Southern Sweet Tea and other soft drinks.

Other Activities:
Triple Cross Lighting Ceremony performed by the United Klan Nation.

Rules for all guest below:
No Weapons or Knives; Must leave it in your vehicles!
No Infighting or Drama
No Alcoholic Beverages “Only at the after party”
No Drugs! Violators will be removed and banned from the rally field.

No cellphones or recording devices; Must leave it in your vehicles!
Guests must bring their own outdoor chairs.
Guests must act in a professional manner, no rude behavior whatsoever!
Vendors must bring their own tables and chairs.

The Aryan Freedom Network and the United Klan Nation welcomes all pro-White organizations, vendors and individuals to attend this gathering. We ask all organizations to be on their best behavior and respectful to other guest. To attend this event, you must contact the Aryan Freedom Network for the vetting process at the following link

Aryan Freedom Network is a nationwide organization that has multiple chapters across America, find your local chapter today at AFN State Chapters

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