White Unity Conference2021

The White Unity Conference will be held this year on September 25, 2021. This event will be a indoor event, that will start at 11:00 a.m.

We will have many educational lectures, Aryan folk music, and Racial Unity amongst different organizations and individuals from all across North America. The White Unity Conference is being hosted by the staff of of the Aryan Freedom Network. We welcome all White Patriots from all across the movement. If you are a member of a organization that is planning on attending you must contact us for further details. Any individual that is not a member or has not been vetted for a background check by a White Racialist organization must contact the Aryan Freedom Network for further details. This is not a open event to the public but a private event for White Racialist to enjoy a day fun and unity of like minded kindred.

Information Details for Organizations & Venders

The Aryan Freedom Network is allowing all organizations to advertise their organization and pass out literature at the event to future candidates interested in joining.

We are allowing venders free of charge to come and setup to sell their materials, in a clean and organized manner.

They Aryan Freedom Network will be providing all the chairs, tables, food, and beverages.

Rules of the Event


NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED must leave it in your vehicle.


NO Weapons allowed only by Aryan Freedom Network Staff, and Security. Must leave it in your vehicle.

Anyone at the event causing problems, infighting, drama, or unnecessary attention will be removed from the property immediately and will be banned from coming on property by the Aryan Freedom Network Staff.

Guest Speakers

Billy Roper – Shieldwall Network

Pastor Eli James – Anglo Saxon Israel

Sister Daisy – Aryan Freedom Network

Sister Mary – Shieldwall Network

Brother Henry – Aryan Freedom Network

More to be announced

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