Aryan Youth

Aryan Youth is the youth counterpart of the Aryan Freedom Network, and as such, part of the mighty, invincible movement, which is continuing the heroic, earth shaking struggle. Aryan Youth comprises young WHITE ARYAN PEOPLE dedicated to the preservation and building of a racially pure homeland.

We seek the formation of youth which will carry on in the finest tradition of White Aryan Youth world-wide. Youth that is swift as a greyhound, tough as leather, and hard as Krupp steel. Youth, which is upright, loyal and disciplined, a youth that is healthy, strong and proud. An idealistic, moral, responsible youth that is willing to sacrifice all for our Aryan survival. Youth which demands excellence and rejects all forms of pettiness and decadence, whether it be Negro Rap music, effeminate hair styles, sloppy clothes, vulgar talk and Jewish thought control. Youth in revolt against every manifestation of democratic degeneracy, and the materialism of youth.

White Aryan Youth both boys and girls of good character between the ages of 14-17, and who’s parent or guardian is also a member of the Aryan Freedom Network, and also who believes in the principles, values above all, the future of our racial heritage. The link between our past and our future and the ones who carry on where their ancestors left off.

The Aryan Youth will work directly with all State Leaders and Regional Directors to set up Aryan Youth chapters within the existing State Chapters. All Chapters of the Aryan Youth that are formed will be under the direct jurisdiction of their State Leader or Regional Director.

Aryan Youth is an organization that teaches young men and women the skills and abilities needed not only to become future officers in the Aryan Freedom Network but to install honor, discipline, sound morals and loyalty needed to survive in today’s corrupted society.

Code of Honor:
1.) The Leader is always right.        
2.) Never violate discipline.
3.) Never waste time in idle chatter, nor in self- gratifying criticism, but take hold and help.
4.) Be proud but not arrogant.
5.) The program is your dogma; it demands your complete surrender to the cause.
6.) You are a representative of the Aryan Youth; govern your appearance and behavior accordingly.
7.) Loyalty and unselfishness are the first commands.
8.) As a true Aryan Nationalist, you must be a real comrade.
9.) Due to your comrades as you would have them do to you.
10.) In battle be steadfast and discreet.
11.) Courage is not recklessness.
12.) Whatever serves the interest of the movement, and through it the Aryan Freedom Network and the Aryan people, is right.

What We Offer and Activities:
1. Physical fitness.
2. Military skills.
3. Leadership skills.
4. Staff Operations.
5. Racial Education Classes.
6. Air Soft and Paintball training.
7. Survival skills.
8. Camping and Hiking trips.

9. Farming and Agriculture.
10. Help with skills that establish self-reliance.

What Aryan Youth is Against:
Unhealthy minds – Minds corrupted with alien values, multi-culturalism, womanizing, murdering, stealing, raping, suicide and all other degeneracies common among today’s youth.

1. Drugs – Drug addicts, users etc. Drugs are unhealthy and unnatural and only lead to destruction, never progress.
2. Race mixing- Goes against biblical and natural law.
3. Abortion – Abortion of white babies is murder, murder is wrong, period!
4. Pollution – We cannot have people trashing our planet, we cannot have unclean air, and toxic wastelands. We need to preserve our environment or there is no future.
5. Immigration – We cannot continue to give away our resources to aliens who only bring crime, pollution, welfare, and non-white culture.
6. Multi-Culturalism – Diversity is only hurting us, we are losing our culture, and slowly losing our distinctive traits which define our people as of European descent.
7. Affirmative Action (Racial Quotas) – Blacks and other non-whites have had plenty of time to catch up. They do not need any more special privileges. It is not fair they we may and do lose our jobs and college positions to under-qualified non-whites simply because of the color of their skin.
8. And all other degeneracies and injustices
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