Valkyrie Division

Valkyrie Division – Sisterhood of Aryan Women
The Valkyrie Division is the supportive female branch of the Aryan Freedom Network. We aim to set the standard for proud White women in the pro-White movement and prove ourselves to be a cut above the rest, we are non-denominational, and all-inclusive to white women. We aim to encourage honorable conduct, charity, family values and add a strong pro-active presence in our community. We are mothers, wives, girlfriends, and we are all sisters.

We are focused on the family, education and organizing AFN events. Valkyrie Division strives for excellence in all areas! We strongly advocate education, green vaccines, healthy living, Traditional family values, POW outreach, support for folk in need, and domestic issues concerning women and children.

Loyalty and comradery within a folkish community are the things we strive to create and maintain. Integrity, Initiative, Self-Reliance, responsibility, accountability, motherhood, … Do you possess these qualities? Are you a proud White Aryan woman interested in joining like-minded women? We would love to hear from you, we would love to help you and your family succeed and maintain the high standards that our people hold dear.

The Valkyrie Division with the express purpose to provide organization, collaboration and educational support.

This support specifically assists with growth, efficiency, progression of the Aryan Freedom Networks ideals, values, morals and upholding the Blood and Soil ideology.

This all-female organization strives to provide support for all areas of women’s lives. We are
all-inclusive, non-denominational and unequivocally pro-white, pro-family and pro-active.


1. Establish a welcome committee which would include an appointed representative to immediately welcome newcomers with; friendship, comradery and initiation to do’s and don’ts, acceptable behavior and expectations. We will create a ‘basket’ as a giveaway with small tokens of appreciation (to be decided collectively).

2. Create a clothing exchange program, to include finding a viable, inexpensive shipping method, which would be used universally and paid for by the women’s division.

3. Organize patronage, or folkish barter system for white owned businesses, create and distribute list with continuous real-time updates.

4. Initialize a children’s pen pal and chat program, with internet chat and email assistance. Clear guidelines and age-appropriate matches will be utilized. Guidelines will include filters for real time chats, and parental consent.

5. Organize and prepare children’s events, activities for all events. Create an event based babysitting program free of charge for attendees.

6. Prepare menus, and food for all events, provide all condiments and necessary items related to food service.

7. Develop viable fundraising activities across the country.

8. Provide assistance for Pow’s and families, develop lists, and assign a pow to each member for companionship and to help address the needs of families. Create and maintain lists necessary for this goal.

9. Divisions will be created to Identify strengths of all members and assign duties accordingly.

10. Teaching/counselling members on how to be strong, front-line women WHILE understanding and maintaining gender roles, providing support to all male members with great discipline.

11. Arranging speakers for events that are female informative: healthy eating, financial planning and budgeting skills, green home building (gardening to provide food, recycling, composting), home schooling seminars, pregnancy and child-rearing advice.

For Aryan Women interested in joining the Valkyrie Division go the main membership page on the Aryan Freedom Network website.
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