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The Aryan Freedom Network/ is proud to start the webpage to Honor the Aryan Freedom Fighters known to everyone as The Order, the Bruder Schweigen (Silent Brotherhood). Here we will provide writings and materials from The Order members. If anyone that would like to help with this webpage, please contact us and an Aryan Freedom Network staff member will get in contact with you. We are still updating this webpage so check back for further updates.

The Aryan Freedom Network will also be starting a new program to support the Last Two Order members still behind in a ZOG prison. Those members are David Tate and Randy Duey.

This webpage is dedicated to Robert J. Matthews the founder of The Order and a proud Aryan Christian Soldier. May Yahweh Bless him and reward him in the Kingdom of God.

Symbol and Motto of The Order

“Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms”
(Jeremiah 51:20)
What was The Bruder Schweigen or “The Order”
The Bruder Schweigen or “The Order” as they are commonly known were a White Christian Brotherhood who fought to establish White Christian Homeland in the Northwest of the United States of America. They were men and women of different walks of life bound together by the racial ideal of an autonomous White Aryan Republic.

Throughout the early and middle 1980’s The Order established a nationwide network of activists opposing the tyrannical and destructive policies of the American “Z.O.G.”, or Zionist Occupation Government. They engaged in a multi-faceted campaign to create the revolutionary structure required to gain Aryan independence.

At its peak The Order claimed more than 50 revolutionary activists both legal and covert. The above-ground or ‘legal’ operations of the Bruder Schweigen included speaking engagements, literature distribution, recruitment, meetings and creating a logistical structure to support the more militant aspects of the organization.

The covert operations of the Bruder Schweigen included the alleged liberation of funds from Z.O.G. banks,
alleged counterfeiting and the alleged removal of anti-White persons from the public eye, such as the mysterious assassination of Allen Berg, a Jewish Zionist talk show host in Denver Colorado.

At the time of The Order’s operations the United States government was supporting and sanctioning the complete destruction of the White American farmer and the minimum-wage enslavement of the White Working Class, or the ‘Aryan Yeomanry. The Order, seeing their people beset on all sides by the enemies of the White race and the working class and farmers felt it was their DUTY to resist a government which had sold out and turned against its citizenry.

The government induced by the Jewish lobby began a domestic campaign against The Order which resulted in the death and imprisonment of most Order activists. Robert Mathews, the Leader of the Bruder Schweigen was burned alive in his home by Federal Agents rather than surrender to our racial enemies. Today the remaining members of The Order have served over 18 years’ incarceration. Many Order members have reached their release dates according to Federal Sentencing Guidelines but remain incarcerated in the worst prisons in the United States by a government which still to this day oppresses and destroys its White population.

The time for justice is now. Many Order members are illegally denied a release date and we are determined these brave Aryan Christian Soldiers once again return to their people. The Federal Government is disregarding its own law in regarding members of the Bruder Schweigen and illegally holding several members and denying them access the legal remedy. In honor of their courage and sacrifice we have undertaken the commitment to see them released. Robert Mathews, ‘The Father of the Second American Revolution’, will one day be held in the esteem we hold George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, for his cause and the actions of The Order were no less noble. Together we can ensure justice for imprisoned Order members and honor the sacrifice and service by assisting them in this critical legal fight against the powers of Zionist oppression and White genocide.
Declaration of War
It is now a dark and dismal time in the history of our race. All about us lie the green graves of our sires, yet, in a land once ours, we have become a people dispossessed.

By the millions, those not of our blood violate our borders and mock our claim to sovereignty. Yet our people only react with lethargy.  A great sickness has overcome us. Why do our people do nothing? What madness is this? Has the cancer of racial masochism consumed our very will to exist? While we allow Mexicans by the legions to invade our soil, we murder our babies in equal numbers. Were the men of the Alamo only a myth? Whether by the force of arms or force of the groin, the result of this invasion is the same. Yet our people do not resist. Our heroes and our culture have been insulted and degraded. The mongrel hordes clamor to sever us from our inheritance. Yet our people do not care. 

Throughout this land our children are being coerced into accepting nonwhites for their idols, their companions, and worst of all their mates. A course which is taking us straight to oblivion. Yet our people do not see. Not by accident but by design these terrible things have come to pass. It is self-evident to all who have eyes to see that an evil shadow has fallen across our once fair land. Evidence abounds that a certain vile, alien people have taken control of our country. How is it that a parasite has gained dominion over its host? Instead of being vigilant, our fathers have slept.

What are we to do? How bleak these aliens have made our children’s future. All about us the land is dying. Our cities swarm with dusky hordes. The water is rancid, and the air is rank. Our farms are being seized by usurious leeches and our people are being forced off the land. The Capitalists and the Communists pick gleefully at our bones while the vile hook-nosed masters of usury orchestrate our destruction.

What is to become of our children in a land such as this? Yet still our people sleep! Every day the rich tighten the chains that lay heavy upon our people. How pitiful the white working class has become. Where is the brave Aryan yeoman so quick to smite the tyrant’s hand?  They close the factories, the mills, the mines, and ship our jobs overseas. Yet our people do not awaken. They send an army of agents intort our midst to steal from our pockets and enforce their rule. Our forefathers under King George knew freedom more than we. Yet still, still our people sleep!  To those who awaken, the reality is grim. John Singer awoke. Concerned over the rampant drugs, homosexuality, and miscegenation in public schools he tried to teach his children at home. He was a stout Aryan yeoman who loved his family dearly. Government agents shot him in the back. Gordon Kahl awoke. After four decades of submission to the tyranny of the IRS he tried to resist. He was a stout Aryan yeoman who loved his family dearly. Government agents shot him in the back. Arthur L. Kirk awoke. For three generations his family farmed the land the usurious banker was trying to steal. Kinsman Kirk tried to resist. He was a stout Aryan yeoman who loved his family dearly. Government agents shot him in the back. To these three kinsmen, we say:

“Rise, rise from you graves, white brothers! Rise and join us! We go to avenge your deaths. The Aryan yeomanry is awakening. A long-forgotten wind is starting to blow. Do you hear the approaching thunder? It is that of the awakened Saxon. War is upon the land. The tyrant’s blood will flow.” By ones and by twos, by scores and by legions we will drive the enemy into the sea. Through our blood and God’s will, the land promised to our fathers of old will become the land of our children to be.  We will resign ourselves no more to be ruled by a government based on monocracy. We, from this day forward declare that we no longer consider the regime in Washington to be a valid and lawful representative of all Aryans who refuse to submit to the coercion and subtle tyranny placed upon us by Tel Aviv and their lackeys in Washington. We recognize that the mass of our people have been put into a lobotomized, lethargic state of blind obedience and we will not take part anymore in collective racial suicide!  

We hereby declare ourselves to be a free and sovereign people. We claim a territorial imperative which will consist of the entire North American continent north of Mexico. As soldiers of the Aryan Resistance Movement (ARM) we will conduct ourselves in accordance with the Geneva Convention. 

We now close this Declaration with an open letter to Congress and our signatures confirming our intent to do battle. Let friend and foe alike be made aware. This is war! — We the following, being of sound mind and under no duress, do hereby sign this document of our own free will, stating forthrightly and without fear that we declare ourselves to be in full and unrelenting state of war with those forces seeking and consciously promoting the destruction of our faith and our race.  Therefore, for Blood, Soil, and Honour, and for the future of our children, and for our King, Jesus Christ, we commit ourselves to Battle. Amen. 
Oath of the Bruder Schweigen
I, as a free Aryan man, hereby swear an unrelenting oath upon the green graves of our sires, upon the children in the wombs of our wives, upon the throne of God Almighty, sacred is His Name, to join together in holy union with those brothers in this circle and to declare forthright that from this moment on I have no fear of death, no fear of foe; that I have a sacred duty to do whatever is necessary to deliver our people form the Jew and bring total victory to the Aryan Race. I, as an Aryan Warrior, swear myself to complete secrecy to the Order and total loyalty to my comrades. Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should one of you fall in battle, I will see to the welfare and well-being of your family. Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should one of you be taken prisoner, I will do whatever is necessary to regain your freedom. Let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that should an enemy agent hurt you, I will chase him to the ends of the earth and remove his head from his body. And furthermore, let me bear witness to you, my brothers, that if I break this oath, let me be forever cursed upon the lips of our people as a coward and an oath breaker. My brothers, let us be His battle axe and weapons of war

Let us go forth by ones and by twos, by scores and by legions, and as true Aryan Men with pure hearts and strong minds face the enemies of our Faith and our Race with courage and determination. We hereby invoke the blood covenant and declare that we are in a full state of war and will not lay down our weapons until we have driven the enemy into the sea and reclaimed the Land which was promised to our fathers of old, and through our blood and His Will, become the Land of our children to be. 

We Hail His Victory!!!
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