Donate Below

Due to the boycotting of White Civil Rights organizations from PayPal and Credit Card companies the ShieldWall Network cannot accept credit cards. All donations have to be a check or money order.

The ShieldWall Network understands that certain individuals cannot afford to become active members.


Because of that we have started a ShieldWall Financial Supporter for people that can support our organization and help the movement financially to continue our mission.  You can make a donation anywhere from $20.00 or more.


All donations are Confidential, and your Privacy is our number one issue. You can donate only by Mail at P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560.

NOTE: If you are donating by Mail, we only accept Money Orders and Checks. Please make the money order or check out to Billy Roper. 

Thank you for your Support, God Bless and White Power!